Light weight. Low windage. Highest performance.

ECsix wins races. ECsix finishes races.

  • Highest performance. Best value. Longest lasting stay on the world’s oceans.
  • Lighten the rigging weight aloft by 70%
  • Reduce weight in the keel by a factor of three.
  • Unmatched stability.
  • Lowest total rigging system windage.
  • Every ECsix yacht finished the 2012-13 Round the World Race without a single failure.
  • Selected as the exclusive rigging for the Round the World Race and IMOCA yachts.

“I think the choice is clear. I went around the world twice with ECsix. Complete reliability, light weight, low windage...It’s these performance characteristics combined with an amazing track record of reliability that makes ECsix the clear favorite of competitive sailors and performance cruisers everywhere.”

Ken Read, Volvo Ocean Race Skipper and President of North Sails Group


Millions of cycles. Zero degradation. Worldwide support.

ECsix stays last as long as your yacht

  • The most popular carbon rigging in the world.
  • Stays do not need to be replaced every three-four years.
  • Bundled rigging bends and rests when slack. Does not compress and fatigue.
  • Millions of loading/unloading cycles. Zero degradation.
  • Over 1,000,000 nautical miles in all conditions.
  • Zero failures due to age, wear, waves, weather or water.
  • The only carbon rigging on the water after ten years.
  • Finished at the factory… not on the dock.
  • 100% quality control factory to boat.
  • Uniquely coilable. Easily packed, transported and stored.
  • Aesthetic retrofit options. Sleek spreader ends improves look of yacht.
  • Five dedicated service centers worldwide.

Solid compression can cause failure ECsix and its bundle of rods is the secret Solid Compression vs Bundled Rod


Super strong. Shock absorbing. Rip-stop.

ECsix will get you home.

  • Since 2004 over 3000 stays still in service.
  • Installed on 500+ yachts.
  • Sailed over 1,000,000 nautical miles.
  • Not a single failure due to age, wear, waves, weather or water.
  • Super strong. Shock absorbing. Rip-stop damage resistant.
  • Super safe bundled carbon fiber rods.
  • Unmatched post impact compression strength.
  • Can incur 25% damage and keep sailing.
  • Open 60 yacht Virbac-Paprec 3 has sailed 100,000+ nautical miles on original ECsix stays.

“As a past competitor in the Volvo Ocean Race and now the CEO, I know that when you are pushing your crew and yachts to the limit you need to trust your rigging. For our new one-design Volvo Ocean 65 we needed rigging that could handle anything this race serves up. It is proven that ECsix will do exactly that.”

Knut Frostad, CEO, Volvo Ocean Race

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For over a decade the world’s best boats have been using ECsix rigging. It’s unique flexible Multistrand Carbon construction has been tested in the toughest oceans on the planet.

When looking for outstanding performance and ultimate reliability, ECsix is the only choice.

  • 2006 Newport to BermudaBELLA MENTE
  • 2007 Barcelona World Race VIRBAC 2
  • 2007 Sydney Hobart Race WILD OATS XI
  • 2008 Volvo Ocean Race ERICSSON 4
  • 2008 Sydney Hobart Race WILD OATS XI
  • 2009 Sydney Hobart Race ALFA ROMEO II
  • 2010 Barcelona World Race VIRBAC 3
  • 2010 Sydney Hobart Race WILD OATS XI
  • 2011 Sydney Hobart Race INVESTEC LOYAL
  • 2011 Transatlantic Race PUMA
  • 2011 Transat Jacques Vabre VIRBAC 3
  • 2012 Sydney Hobart Race WILD OATS XI
  • 2013 Maxi World Champion RAN
  • 2013 Sydney Hobart Race Top Five Finishers
2013 Maxi World Champion 2013 Maxi World Champion